General Mills Voluntarily Recalls a Limited Quantity of Frozen Beyond Meat Vegetarian Indian Curry with Beyond Chicken - 7/12/16

For Immediate Release June 30, 2016

Consumer contact:  General Mills Consumer Relations, 1-800-754-9061

Recall due to National Frozen Food’s recall on frozen peas

MINNEAPOLIS – General Mills today announced a voluntary recall of a limited quantity of frozen Beyond Meat Vegetarian Indian Curry with Beyond Chicken, produced over seven days in April 2016. This product is available exclusively at Whole Foods.

This voluntary recall is limited to only one variety of frozen Beyond Meat product — Vegetarian Indian Curry with Beyond Chicken — and only with the following “Better if Used By” dates printed on the package:

10NOV2016 NL 16NOV2016 NL 25NOV2016 NL
12NOV2016 NL 20NOV2016 NL
15NOV2016 NL 24NOV2016 NL

Consumers are urged to dispose of the products affected by this recall and call General Mills Consumer Relations at 1-800-754-9061 if they had product covered by this recall and need a replacement.

* We believe that none of the products being recalled were processed or offered through the national office.  

For full details on the recall, please visit this FDA web page.