Throughout the year, MANNA may receive donations of refrigerators & freezers from individuals or corporate partners.  Our goal is to pass these units on to our partner network as quickly as possible.  Whether it be because a current unit is no longer working, or you need additional space for expansion, if you are in need of a new refrigerator or freezer, please follow the link below:

MANNA FoodBank Refrigerator/Freezer Donation Program

Through generous donations from individuals and corporate partners MANNA FoodBank is able donate refrigerators and freezers to our Partner Agencies and other non-profit organizations throughout our 16 County service area in Western North Carolina. The majority of the units we receive are discontinued models or “ding & dent” units directly from a manufacturer, all in like new condition.  Our donation program does have a waitlist for both refrigerators and freezers so by applying you are being placed on the waitlist for a donated unit. Units are assigned in the order of application unless, organizations may be moved up the list due to emergency circumstances.

To qualify for a unit an organization must be:

  • An existing Partner agency, registered non-profit, church, or program within the school system.
    • Organizations will need to provide documentation of their non-profit status in order to receive a unit.
  • Located within MANNA FoodBank’s 16 County service area in Western North Carolina
  • Applying for a unit for the purpose of facilitating a food related program impacting the children, elderly, or food insecure persons in Western North Carolina.
  • Willing to sign a Waiver & General Release Form upon accepting a donated unit.

If your organization meets the above criteria please complete the below application. When completing the application please provide as many details as possible to assist in matching your organization with a unit. When completing the application please consider the measurements where the unit would be located and the dimension of all areas the unit would need to pass through to get to that location. Detail any limitations your organization may have for the size of assigned units. Standard door frames measure 80 inches high and 36 inches wide, and units can often exceed those measurements.

Click here to complete the application for MANNA’s Refrigerator/Freezer Donation Form


MANNA FoodBank is unable to test all donated units prior to being assigned. Orgaizations will have one week after pickup or delivery to ensure units are functioning properly. If the assigned unit is found to be faulty within that one-week period MANNA FoodBank staff will pick up the unit and place the organizatinon back on the waitlist. After that one-week period the organization assumes all responsibility for the assigned unit. This is further detailed in the required Waiver and General Release Form.