Documents to have available/attach:

MANNA Partner Agency sign – This sign must be posted at all partner agencies.

Temperature log – TEFAP agencies must record temps on every fridge and freezer unit every single day. All other agencies must record temps a minimum of at least once per week, but more often is highly recommended.

Simple client count form – MANNA only requests that you report how many households and individuals are served each month. This form is a simple way to capture that information. We encourage partners to keep barriers to food access low, and one way to do that is by not requiring unnecessary information such as names, addresses, or documentation. Plus, it makes your job easier!

TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) Intake Form – TEFAP agencies MUST use the current form to distribute any TEFAP product, and begin using new forms beginning October 1 each year. Please see the TEFAP tab on the Partner Agency Home page for all things TEFAP.

Self-Declaration of Need signs (English and Spanish) – Posting this sign satisfies IRS and Feeding America requirements for determining eligibility. This is the preferred method because it keeps barriers to food access low. Additional information is required for TEFAP only.

2021 Annual Agreement – MANNA must have a current signed copy on file for your agency each year.

Compliance Highlights Webinar – This 20-minute on-demand video discusses food safety, site visits, the annual agreement, and a bit more.