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The Poverty Simulation

An experience you won’t forget!

MANNA’s network is focused on ending hunger in WNC. To better understand why someone might find themselves in need of a food pantry, MANNA offers this poverty simulation.

It can be difficult to understand why people cannot escape poverty, why they make the choices they do. This poverty simulation sets the tone for a deeper level of understanding around systemic obstacles for those in poverty. The experience is followed up with a facilitated conversation around how participants were able to manage their responsibilities and how that can inform how we, as a network, involve, unite and educate others around hunger relief.


The next simulation will be on Tuesday September 15th

in Franklin at the United Methodist Church Memorial Hall

Two sessions will be available, the 1st is from 4-6pm, the 2nd is from 7-9.

A complimentary dinner will be from 6-7pm.

R.S.V.P. required, space is limited!

Please send R.S.V.P. to Jennifer Trippe at

 For those of you already involved in the work of ending hunger:

Have you ever wanted an opportunity to engage your board more deeply? To get more support for the work you are doing? We encourage you to invite your board and community leaders to our poverty simulation. This is a rare opportunity for those working with the MANNA network to better understand how someone can become trapped in a cycle of poverty.

Why a poverty simulation?

For those who have never experienced poverty, it is difficult to understand how poverty can feel impossible to escape or why people make the choices that they must make while living in poverty. When experiencing the compounding stresses in the simulation, more understanding and empathy is developed for those living in poverty. Thus we in the MANNA network can better align our resources to serve, unite and work to END hunger in WNC.

Who should come as a participant?

Please invite and encourage board members, key stakeholders and community leaders to come and become more deeply engaged. It is appropriate to invite anyone interested in working hard to end hunger with their hands, hearts, pens, wallets, mouths and influence, but it is especially intended for those already in leadership positions. Also, this simulation might be a great reminder for those currently involved in hunger relief work that may be feeling cynical, burned out, or are having a hard time with service; they may need a compassion infusion or a brief walk through a month in someone else’s shoes.

The MANNA network’s statement of values includes:

We aim for collaboration to provide excellent service with respect, integrity and urgency while being mindful and inclusive of our diverse population.

Through this simulation we hope to educate and reinforce commitments of respect, integrity and inclusivity throughout our MANNA network.