Reaching Out with Food & Hope to Those Hit Hardest By the Pandemic

Reaching Out with Food & Hope to Those Hit Hardest By the Pandemic

MANNA’s Efforts to Get Food to the Latinx Community

As the pandemic continues, people throughout WNC continue to struggle with a variety of issues, such as health, income and making sure their household has enough food so that people do not go hungry. For particular communities, the pandemic has hit harder in Buncombe County.

Despite making up only about 6.7% of the population in Buncombe County, the Latinx community has been disproportionately affected by COVID-19. Of all confirmed cases in Buncombe County, over 25% has been from the Latinx community.

While food isn’t the solution to the virus, it is an essential aspect of maintaining your health and keeping a positive outlook on life.

Over the past few months, MANNA has been working strategically and efficiently with Latinx organizations and leaders to help get food to vulnerable Latinx populations throughout WNC.

Earlier this month, enough culturally sensitive food was packed by 40 volunteers from 5 different organizations to feed over 500 families in spread-out communities. The food was then put into a variety of vehicles – everything from little cars to panel trucks – and delivered to specific neighborhoods and homes. These distributions would not be possible without the collaboration of The Buncombe County Schools Migrant Education Program and CIMA.

These distributions have been special in their sense of community. People of all ages have come together to help their neighbors in need. One young woman, a daughter of Mexican immigrants, spent her 18th birthday volunteering with MANNA, so that food could be delivered to members of the Latinx community throughout WNC.

Beyond the volunteers, joy has been apparent in the families receiving food assistance. At a recent delivery, children were seen smiling while carrying home boxes of food bigger than they were.

More, now than ever, it is important that we are taking care of everyone in our community and making sure people have equal access to food assistance. MANNA is committed to continuing Latinx Community Food Distributions on a monthly basis.