Preparedness and Relief Efforts for Hurricane Dorian

Preparedness and Relief Efforts for Hurricane Dorian

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Preparedness and Relief Efforts for Hurricane Dorian

What MANNA Is Doing

MANNA is working very closely with our sister food banks across NC and SC to help prepare for if Hurricane Dorian hits the Carolinas. We are very sensitive to the fact that there will be both short and longer terms needs regardless of where the hurricane might make landfall, and we will continue to monitor the situation in order to be ready to respond if needed.

How You Can Help


Funding Support: We’re here long after the storm has passed to help affected communities with basic needs.

The most helpful thing you can do is donate funds. Money can be easily directed to where it is most needed, and to what is most needed. Additionally, monetary donations also support a local economy experiencing a temporary crisis.

This is the most environmentally friendly, cost-effective, efficient and best way for the public to help financially.

Your financial donation helps put experienced disaster responders on the ground, and gives them the resources they need to help survivors recover. Organizations typically prefer cash donations because they allow organizations to:

  • Purchase the needed food, water, medicine, and equipment from secure and familiar supply chains.
  • Buy materials locally. This can help rebuild the local economy.
  • Conserve resources. Money is always necessary and cheap to send, but the cost to ship material supplies can be expensive.

Any donations to MANNA will be used on a most-needed basis to support our food bank partners’ relief efforts following the storm.


Food and Supply Donations

Food and supply donations made to MANNA will primarily be used NC and SC areas first, and other regional areas as requested by our food bank partners (if WNC is impacted, we prioritize local support first). Please note that shipping donations to affected areas is not the most cost-effective way to help, and consider finding a local organization in the regions affected, to make a donation that can have a bigger, and more effective impact.

MANNA’s Emergency Needs Text Alert

If you are interested in being informed of any needs relating to MANNA’s physical location, needs in our immediate Western North Carolina community, or donation item needs, please sign up for our Emergency Needs Text Alerts by texting the word READY to 828-348-5883.

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