Hurricane Harvey and Flooding Relief: How to Help

Hurricane Harvey and Flooding Relief: How to Help

Send the Help They Need.

We have received a number of requests from the local community interested in helping out with hurricane and flooding relief in Texas. MANNA FoodBank has been in touch with our national partner, Feeding America. Sending supplies takes huge coordination and is costly and time consuming. These folks need assistance on the ground immediately, which is more easily achieved through financial donations. They have advised that donating funds to specific organizations on the ground in Texas is the most needed help.

Feeding America is coordinating a national relief effort in partnership with the food banks in the affected areas. Because of the scope of the disaster, national organizations are asking anyone interested in helping to please make a financial donation.

We are currently asking everyone to donate directly to the Red Cross, Feeding America, Feeding Texas, or to the individual food banks affected by the disaster.

Affected food banks in Texas:
Food Bank of Corpus Christi
Food Bank of the Golden Crescent
Houston Food Bank
Southeast Texas Food Bank
San Antonio Food Bank

You can also find a list of charities providing support in the wake of the storm at Charity Navigator. Charity Navigator is a charity rating organization that evaluates how efficiently nonprofits utilize donations.

Giving money directly allows those organizations to make immediate choices for the exacts needs they have.

Thank you for being part of a national relief effort!