Hurricane and Disaster Relief: How You Can Help

Hurricane and Disaster Relief: How You Can Help

MANNA FoodBank works closely with our national hunger relief organization, Feeding America, to support overall efforts to send aid and assistance to areas of the country affected by recent weather-related disasters. While MANNA’s main focus is and will continue to be working to end hunger here in Western North Carolina, we jump in to collect donations when the need is great.

Currently, we are working with Feeding America to collect most-needed items as they are identified. Our current hurricane relief drive is in partnership with Mission Health Asheville Campuses, Buncombe County Schools, Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department, and Smart Insurance Agency. This drive is focusing on these 5 most-needed items:

  1. Soap/shampoo
  2. Toothbrushes/toothpaste
  3. Deodorant
  4. Handheld snacks (energy bars, mixed nuts, dried fruit, etc.)
  5. Pop top or easy-to-open entree foods (ravioli, tuna, etc.)

Once we have collected donations, we work with Feeding America to coordinate and deliver these donations to where they are needed most.

If you are interested in making a cash donation, we do have an Emergency Disaster Relief designation on our donation page. Contributions made through this designation will go towards specific aid as directed by Feeding America.

Thank you for your support, both here in Western North Carolina and across the country.