Meals on Wheels is an organization that focuses on providing nutritious meals to elderly homebound individuals in various Western North Carolina counties. Volunteers transport meals to those in need to ensure they are fed every weekday between 10:00am and 12:30pm. Frozen meals are also delivered on Thursdays of each week for weekend consumption. Here is a list of qualifications for individuals receiving meals:

-Must be at least 60 years old
-Must be homebound (cannot drive, or driving is very limited)
-Unable to shop or cook
-Services may be temporarily available to those who are recovering from illness or surgery
-An Application Form must be submitted

If you are aware of any individuals that may qualify for this service, visit or contact your local Meals on Wheels office for additional information:

Buncombe County- Becky Blalock; 828-253-5286
Madison County-(Marshall Senior Center) Angie Allison; 828-649-3587

Henderson County- Annette Buckner; 828-692-4203
McDowell County- Donna Legbear; 828-652-5355
Haywood County- Jeanne Naber; 828-452-6620
Yancey County- Vivian; 828-682-6011
Transylvania County- Andrea; 828-883-3743