Give A Little. Feed A Lot.

Give A Little. Feed A Lot.

This year, #GivingTuesday is December 1. #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving to charitable causes in response to the two days after Thanksgiving that are dedicated to buying: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

In anticipation of #GivingTuesday, we are starting a movement for gratitude.

Join our #GratefulGiving Movement and Create Hope for the Holidays

It is a traditional part of the Thanksgiving holiday: Reflecting on our lives and recognizing all the things, both large and small, for which we are grateful. What are the things in your life for which you have gratitude?

It’s natural to be grateful for our friends and family, for good health, for a roof over our heads, for support, and love. But it can be easy to overlook the small things in our lives: ordering a pizza for an easy family dinner on a busy night, buying a new pair of shoes for growing children’s feet, even something as simple as a morning cup of coffee can be a reason for gratitude.

For many this holiday season, simple splurges are more than just small things for which to be grateful: They are, quite frankly, unattainable. Many of our WNC neighbors are struggling to afford the food for a healthy meal, much less be able to provide a full Thanksgiving meal. For these struggling families, a full belly IS like Thanksgiving.

Give Your Gratitude A Purpose: Join the #GratefulGiving Movement.

This Thanksgiving, we encourage you to think simple: Consider a small splurge in your life. What would it be like to give up that little splurge for a day, or a week? Now, consider what giving up that little splurge could mean to someone suffering from hunger. That $3 regular coffee could mean several families being able to send their child to school with a nutritious breakfast.

How? MANNA FoodBank can turn that $3 into 15 dozen eggs.

Skip a small splurge for two weeks, give what you would have spent to MANNA, and give someone in need a reason to be thankful over the holidays.

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Help MANNA Match a Generous Anonymous #GivingTuesday Donation!

We are thrilled to announce that an anonymous donor has offered to match all #GivingTuesday donations up to $20,000! From now until December 1, when you donate to our #GivingTuesday campaign, your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $20,000. If we can provide 15 dozen eggs with just $3, imagine what we could do with $20,000, $40,000…the potential impact of this on WNC families struggling for food is HUGE. Help us give hope for the holidays, and give today.

Join the Movement and Spread the Word!

Kara's UNselfie

Kara, our marketing director, showing her support for #GratefulGiving through her UNselfie!

Share your gratitude with your online community when you join the #GratefulGiving movement!

‘Print & Share’ your gratitude in an UNselfie!  <– Print out this PDF, write what you are grateful for, and how you plan to support MANNA. Then, take an UNselfie, and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Make sure to tag MANNA FoodBank in your post, or include the #GratefulGiving hashtag, so we can help you spread the word!