Fight Hunger, Spark Change Means More Food for Families Across WNC

Fight Hunger, Spark Change Means More Food for Families Across WNC

Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Feeding America Food Banks Team Up to Feed More People

April 22 and through May 20, 2019

Walmart and Sam’s Club stores are strong partners to Feeding America food banks in the work of building healthy, hunger-free communities. Each week, MANNA FoodBank receives regular donations of perishable foods and fresh produce for families in need across our service area. Our local Walmart store employees are real champions for food rescue and hunger relief, and we could not distribute more than 41,000 meals every day of the year without their consistent, dedicated support! 

This year, Walmart and Sam’s Club are making it easy for you to help feed more families, too. Every time you shop, you have the chance to make a life-changing, and life-saving difference in the lives of so many people facing the physical and mental stress of not knowing where they will get their next meal.

3 ways you can Fight Hunger and Spark Change

  1. Through Your Purchases 
    Each participating item that you purchase at Walmart or through will unlock a donation equivalent to one meal for Feeding America® member food banks, including MANNA FoodBank. 
  2. At the Register
    You donations of any amount will be gratefully accepted and 100% of your gift will be directed to Feeding America® member food banks, including MANNA FoodBank. 
  3. Share
    Share our social media posts with your friends to help spread the word about these easy ways to help fight hunger.

Since its inception, Fight Hunger. Spark Change. has helped secure the equivalent of 749 million meals. Walmart is aiming to reach a cumulative goal of one billion meals donated by May 20, 2019, but they cannot do it without the support of people like you.

The Impact: More Food to More People in WNC

MANNA stretches every single resource available to try and meet the need for food in WNC. With more than 100,000 people facing an empty plate in our region every year, the task is large. But because of partners like Walmart, and our dedicated nonprofit partner pantries and meal providers, we are filling plates for people in all 16 counties of our WNC service area.

Real People, Real Impact

We recently spoke with a woman at a pop-up market we hosted in Swain County. She was picking up food for herself and for three other families who were working during the times of the pop-up market and couldn’t be there. Though this lovely woman was also in need of food, she was more focused on making sure she got what her neighbors needed first before she filled her basket for herself. She was determined to get fresh produce for these families, and because of our partnership with Walmart, we were there, ready with not just fresh produce, but milk, eggs, and other grocery staples. Her reaction was so heartwarming; she knew that she and her neighbors would have fresh, nutritious food to help supplement their grocery needs.

At the end of the day, when we see people go home with bags filled with food and a little more hope in their eyes, we know that the daily work of addressing hunger is more than just stats: It is real people, living their lives the best they can, trying to survive, and hoping for a better tomorrow. And because of these partnerships, we can make sure that their plates are full for tonight, and their hearts are a bit lighter for the moment.