Dancing in Can Costumes

Dancing in Can Costumes

Ingles Day at the Mountain State Fair

Not only did the Mountain State Fair return this year to WNC – everyone’s favorite food drive did as well!

On September 15th, attendees of Ingles Day at the Mountain State Fair were encouraged to bring five Laura Lynn canned goods to donate to MANNA in exchange for free admission.

Throughout the afternoon and evening, families arrived with bags of canned products and handed them to volunteers as they made their way to the entrances. Some attendees even hopped in a can costume and danced alongside volunteers!

Thanks to all of the attendees and their generous donations, MANNA received over 8,000 pounds of canned goods to distribute to our neighbors throughout WNC.

A special thank you to everyone who attended the fair, donated food, and made the return of Ingles Day such a special event!