Information for MANNA Partner Agencies

As the government shutdown continues, MANNA is preparing for any long-term impacts, so we can be prepared, and keep our partners informed with current information, and what we are doing. Please refer back to this page; we will continue updating this page as information changes.

2019 Government Shutdown

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Info for PARTNER AGENCIES_2019 shutdown

FOR MANNA PARTNER AGENCIES: 2019 Government Shutdown
Updated 1.23.19


Who Is Affected

  • Now in WNC:
    • Federal employees and federal contract workers
    • TSA workers
  • Could be affected if shutdown continues:
    • SNAP/FNS (food stamp) recipients
    • WIC recipients
    • Children receiving free or reduced price school meals

Who is NOT Affected

  • Social security recipients
  • People on disability
  • Veterans

TEFAP Information:

  • TEFAP food deliveries planned for February will continue
  • MANNA is prepared to keep supporting TEFAP distributions as long as product is available
  • As we learn of any additional information around TEFAP, we will keep you updated

MANNA Distributions for Federal Employees

  • MANNA will be providing on-site food distributions for federal employees every Tuesday and Friday afternoon, 3-6pm, throughout the shutdown
  • Federal employees must bring their badge/federal ID

SNAP/FNS (Food Stamps)

  • SNAP is funded through February
  • Recipients will be seeing their February benefits in their account on January 20
  • After February, SNAP benefits will cease without government action
  • Residents can apply for/recertify SNAP benefits through the end of February


Here are some things to do now to prepare in the event the shutdown continues past February.

  1. Call federal NC representatives. Let them know how this is affecting your community.
    It is important for our representatives to understand that we are all stretching hard to meet the existing need – if SNAP benefits to families were to stop, it would be virtually impossible to fill the need. For every bag of groceries you and our partner network provide, SNAP can provide 12.

North Carolina Senators:

Senator Richard Burr
Washington, D.C. Office: 202-224-3154
Winston-Salem, NC Office: 800-685-8916

Senator Thom Tillis
Washington, D.C. Office: 202-224-6342
Hendersonville, NC Office: 828-693-8750

  1. Keep MANNA staff informed of what’s happening in your community.
    We are gathering information about who is affected and in what areas of WNC, as well as what local communities, businesses and other nonprofit organizations are doing to support people impacted. Please keep your Zone Coordinator informed with updates when you get new information, so we can continue to plan for long-term needs and challenges for the entire network.

As we receive additional important information, and/or should the government shutdown continue, we will continue to provide you with further updates.